Welcome to the Bike Pack Shop; Haus of Australian bike packing gear.

The Bike Pack Shop started from a burning desire & passion for adventure cycling, and the outdoors. Not only do we love cycling, we want to help the community grow and put more bums on bikes.

Our team at Bike Pack Shop has a wealth of knowledge in the cycling, adventure and bike packing industries. From working as bike mechanics, elite racers, route makers and adventure riders our team is guaranteed to tend to your individual and specific needs. We understand that every rider is different.

Our small yet quickly growing business is already making a big impact on the community. We’re sponsoring a few great projects, bettering the cycling community as a whole:

Bike packing and gravel riding is a big part of the Australian cycling community & it is only getting bigger over the years to come. We are fully dedicated to help beginner, intermediate and advanced riders kit themselves and their bikes out with high quality, durable and stylish gear.

If you have suggestions for our store, we’d love to hear them… Drop us a line max@cycleaus.com.au!

In the mean time… check out some of our gear!