Bike Pack Shop – #1 Bike Packing Store in Australia

The Bike Pack Shop started from a burning desire & passion for adventure cycling, and the outdoors. Not only do we love cycling, we want to help the community grow and put more bums on bikes.

Our team at Bike Pack Shop has a wealth of knowledge in the cycling, adventure and bike packing industries. From working as bike mechanics, elite racers, route makers and adventure riders our team is guaranteed to tend to your individual and specific needs. We understand that every rider is different.

Our small yet quickly growing business is already making a big impact on the community. We’re sponsoring a few great projects, bettering the cycling community as a whole.

Hunt Bikes Australia/ Hunt 1000

Hunt Bikes was founded in 2015 by myself, Daniel Hunt. Born out of a passion for bicycles and a love of the outdoors, Hunt Bikes mission is to produce the best bikes and accessories for your cycling adventures in a way that minimises the environmental footprint of those products. 

All Hunt Bikes frame and forks will be carbon neutral meaning that the carbon footprint created by producing the frame and forks is offset via carbon credits that support environmental restoration (and carbon sequestration). In other words, Hunt Bikes gear is made to be accountable to the environment its made for. 

Hunt Bikes is a rider owned brand for riders who consider their riding a passion and take pride in their gear. Our bikes and accessories are top end products and as such they are carefully designed and seriously tested to deliver an end result you can trust and we can be proud of. 

Ascent Cycles

Here at Ascent Cycles we offer local friendly advice, servicing, and sales. We don’t discriminate when it comes to bike types and we work on everything, however, we are pretty slick when it comes to Gravel, Adventure, Commuter, and Road bikes.

Beaut Bike

Put simply, Beaut Bike is a shop dedicated to providing anyone and everyone with the best bicycle tools at the best prices.

Here’s the story of how it came to be:

After splitting my time for two years between studying, wrenching at my local bike shop, and servicing bikes on the side for friends, I finally decided it was time to replace the assorted collection of tools I had amassed over the nearly a decade I’ve been messing around with bikes. Inspired by the likes of @toolboxwars I began to research and build my dream toolbox.

The problem was, it was definitely closer to a dream than a reality. Many of the tools that were being targeted towards the cycling industry didn’t meet my (in my opinion) simple criteria:

  1. Designed and built to last – even under the harsh conditions of a professional workshop.
  2. Spare parts must be available.
  3. Plastic must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Prices must be reasonable – I have no interest in paying more for a tool just because it has a cycling brand on it.

Desire Lines CC

There’s something infinitely beautiful about desire lines. Unlike Henry Grabar, I don’t see them as an act of defiance; people wilfully ignoring footpaths, roads, and signs.

Rather, I see desire lines as an act of creative expression. A human desire to leave behind manufactured, concrete paths and embrace a moment of nature, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

It’s this desire to leave behind the grey bitumen and asphalt of the cities, and enter into our natural environment, that’s driving increasing numbers of people towards the world of adventure cycling, in all its glorious forms.

At desirelinescc, we embrace and celebrate all forms of adventure cycling and, while we may occasionally use terms like cycle touring, bikepacking and gravel grinding, we don’t really care how you want to define your riding style. As soon as you mount your bicycle and take those first pedal strokes you’re entering our world, our journey to creating and celebrating the endless lines of desire drawn by our bicycles.