The Bike Pack Shop will be running the innaugral BPS Hunt 600/ 300

There will be two routes:

1. The first route will be 643km with 11,000 meters of climbing.

2. The second will be around 370km with around 7000 meters of climbing.

Both finishing late Sunday arvo at Ascent Cycles in Wilston, Brisbane on the 19th of December. Try and plan your ride accordingly. I will be aiming to leave on the 15th of December for the 600km route, but you can leave either side of that date depending on your speed.

Anyone, from anywhere is welcome to come, however, I need you to register.

This ride is unsupported, there will be no one to help you besides yourself and other riders. No GPS trackers will be provided. Basically, it is 100% your responsibility to stay safe, fueled, and out of trouble. I, Max Hobson, as a ride leader, will assist in mechanical repairs and help out with any issues that I can, but I may be out of contact for significant periods of time, so I cannot be relied upon for help or assistance.

Myself, other riders or The Bike Pack Shop, and any other affiliated businesses WILL NOT be liable or take responsibility for any issues during the event. Please be clear of this before you commit.

Anyway, this event is supposed to be a fun way to meet new friends, get inspired, and have a bloody cracker of a time!

We hope to see you there as we cannot wait to meet the bike packing community in Australia!

On the grand finish date, 19th of December, we are going to have a complimentary Beer & BBQ party after at the finish location (Ascent Cycles, Wilston) for anyone who wants to join, feel free to rock up even if you’re not riding! We should be aiming to be finished late arvo on Sunday.

We will have some bike packing gear on display for anyone interested in grabbing some new bags… All with a complimentary 10% discount!

Any other details will either be updated via our Facebook event page (click here) or on this page of our website. Please take everything with a grain of salt as there’s no guarantee that this event can take place if a covid-19 lockdown comes into action. But hey, let’s stay optimistic and hopeful for the good times to come!