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Swift Industries Zeitgeist


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Swift Industries Catalyst


The Catalyst Pack is a bomber mid-capacity bicycle bag. Fit to hold six litres worth of stuff, the Catalyst Pack has easily made its way onto our top-seller list as a go-to-gravel-adventure-bag. Riders with less clearance and narrow handlebars now have a stellar option for stowing gear up front and from the saddle.

The Catalyst Pack is perfect for gravel adventures, road touring, bike packing, the daily grind, and even XC-MTB!

The Catalyst Pack is made out of recycled polyester and contains roughly 10 plastic bottles rescued from polluted rivers.


As any rider of smaller stature will tell you, when it comes to bike bags, there’s a fine line between, “big enough to haul my adventure gear and too big for my small frame.”

Where our classic Zeitgeist Pack was often too wide and deep for smaller frames, it’s kid-sibling, the Catalyst Pack, strikes the perfect balance. With an unmistakable design nod to its predecessor, the Catalyst retains the same functional features and the clean aesthetics, but in a slimmed-down silhouette that works well on smaller bicycles. The design inspiration for the Catalyst was answering the specific needs of smaller riders, and the end result is a beautifully functional mid-capacity bag that can work for everyone!


  • Measurements: 11”w x 7.75”h x 6.25”d
  • Capacity: 6 Liters
  • Weight: 15oz

Built with

  • Packcloth
  • RBC™ 450D
  • TPU Ripstop
  • HDPE
  • Coverlite™
  • Fastex Buckles
  • Reflective Tape

Made in Surabaya, Indonesia out of recycled materials


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