Revoloop road race ultralight 700c tube




Ultralight 700c tube. Made to fit 28 x 0.7 – 1.1 (700c x 17mm – 27mm) – only 30 grams!

The Revoloop Ultralight 700c Tube is the lightest tube you could ever need. Perfect for spares or to use as a race tube to minimise rolling weight.

The Revoloop Race ultralight 700c tube weighs in at only 39 grams and is at the same time significantly more durable than a conventional butyl hose used in a standard tube, due to the specific material composition of the thermoplastic polyurethane. The low weight reduces the rotating mass on the bike and makes the racer more agile while sprinting and on the track.

The valve, made of particularly impact-resistant and break-proof thermoplastic, is ahead of its time. Minimum weight is paired with maximum performance. A specially designed valve base prevents damage to the hose from sharp edges on the valve bore.

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