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King Cage are the undisputed Kings of the bottle cage through their relentless pursuit of bottle cages that work better, last longer, don’t mark your bottles, and are super light but super strong.

The King Cage Side Loader Cage offers a different take on the side load bottle cage for riders with limited frame clearance. By designing the cage with a different profile and a wider set of support plates, they have been able to produce a cage that can be positioned at an angle to provide better left-hand or right-hand insertion and removal of the bottle without diminishing the bottle security or strength of the cage.

Make sure to also checkout his bigger brother, the Manything cage.

Made from high quality titanium in the USA.

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Made from Titanium tubing and Titanium mounting plates, the King Cage Side Loader is just 35g and it provides mounting holes at the centre, and both left and right 45° offset locations, allowing you to position the bottle cage such that the frame is no longer in the way as you tilt the bottle to remove it. At the 45° mounting angles there are even ‘high’ and ‘low’ mounting options giving you a total of 5 mounting locations.

These cages are handmade in Colorado and offer some of the best long-term value on the market and they do not mark your bottle like cheap aluminium cages do (dirt between the bottle and cage will still mark your bottle though). It does tend to work better with bottles that have a slight taper to the base and a deeper neck (think Camelbak Podium, DhaRCO and Fox).


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