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Jack the Bike Rack


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JACK is a universal-fit front bicycle rack that securely straps to almost any bike, offering a straightforward solution to carrying your things with you while you ride.  A ‘Rack of all Trades’, JACK fits to your bike with a tool-free strap system, requiring no special bicycle frame or fork, no specialist equipment and no bike maintenance skills.

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Where does Jack the Bike Rack come from? We’re a bike component and accessories startup founded by a group of bike lovers and adventurers with years of industry experience. Dedicated to simplifying an arena plagued by daunting tools and over-engineered accessories; We’re on a mission to create versatile, thoughtfully produced, easy-to-use accessories that anyone can install and enjoy.

Human solutions for humans who ride bikes!
There aren’t any international standards that apply to JACK, but that hasn’t stopped us testing JACK to destruction: We’ve taken JACK on rough roads and singletrack with extremely heavy loads. We’ve also put JACK through his paces in the lab, with our own tests that we’ve created based on JACKs extreme use-cases.

We spent a full year searching for the right factory, to make sure the we can get JACK to you reliably and at the best quality. And we found a brilliant factory partner, with years of experience building and shipping high quality bike racks.

It’s not easy to create a totally new supply chain, but we decided to do it ourselves, with no agents or middle men, so we understand everything thats going on ‘behind the scenes’.

Long-lasting design
We’ve designed JACK with no mechanical fixings and few failure points. And anything that does suffer from general wear and tear is easily replaceable. Designing JACK in this way (design for disassembly) means that JACK and his parts are also cheaper to produce for you!

Reusability and recyclability
JACK is designed for disassembly, therefore at the end of his life, or after any wear and tear gets too great, it’s easy to make sure any waste can be easily separated into the correct waste stream. We’re smart like that 😉

Bikepacking bags are great and all but nothing beats a rigid support system when it comes to traveling, touring, and camping by bike. The problem is, not all road or gravel bikes have rack support bosses on their carbon forks. Jack the Bike Rack clamps to your bars and can be fitted to just about any bike without any frame or fork modification.“ – The Radavist


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