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Restrap Feed Bag

Restrap Feed Bag


Hungry Muncher

Hungry Muncher

Hungry Big Lunch V2.69


Made locally in Australia.

The world famous BIG LUNCH V2.0 is BACK – with a V0.69 level of improvement! With over 400 of the V2.0 out in the wild it’s about time I mixed it up and made the most requested updates a reality, so HERE I AM! YOU’RE WELCOME!

The Big Lunch is a roll-top, convertible bum bag (or fanny pack, whatever gets your boat’a’floating!) and handlebar bag! How do we do that you may ask..? Our proprietary HOT WINGS™ hip straps tuck away behind a layer of PREMIUM 3d spacer mesh so they’re not dangling all over the place. Then you use 2 (Included!) Voile straps to attach the bag to your bike (or wherever else you want to dangle it from)! Thanks to the (again) proprietary NOBOUNCEY™ stabiliser strap you can secure the Big Lunch V2.69 nice and snug and bounce free! Wrap it around your headtube, or seatpost if that’s your jam!


The V2.69 introduces ONE HANDED opening and closing! This is by way of a fancy German magnet from Fidlock. Simply lift from the end of the loop to easily pop that thang open and get to all your junk. To close, you just pull the two pieces close together and they’ll snap into place! Makes way more sense when you see it in person *HINT HINT BUY ONE*.

And that’s not all! There’s also a water resistant zippered pocket on the back for storing all your quick access needs – think phone/wallet/keys/multi-tool! This means that even though it’s now EVEN EASIER to get into the main compartment, you don’t need to as much!

The BLV2.69 is still a super sweet fanny pack / bum bag / oh god I’m so sick of typing all the different names / cross body bag! Simply pop it off the bike (very quick removal!), un-tuck the straps and you’re on your way! Take it to the beach, the bar, the park, the rave, the wherever – Big Lunch has you covered.

BLV2.69 has a floating liner! What this means is that there is no direct path from outside the bag, to the inside! Water has to somehow find it’s way between the two layers, and then through another seam into the main compartment. In other words, it’s gonna take AGES! Nothing sewn is completely waterproof, but water sure is gonna have a hard time getting in.

Capacity-wise, Big Lunch is a bout 1-4L when rolled down, or a total of 9L when unrolled. Obviously unrolled means your stuff might fall out. So I’d say a max safe volume of about 5-6L. Enough for extra layers, spares, snacks, all that jazz.

DIMENSIONS-wise, it’s approx 30cm wide, 10cm deep, and 20cm tall when it’s rolled down! The total height when unrolled is 40cm!


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