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2023 BPS 1000 (760km)


BPS rides are now free – finishing 30th April

Show your support by purchasing a ticket to the afterparty. It’s not compulsory and no shame if you don’t 🙂

The BPS 1000 (760km) otherwise known as the Booubyjan dash is a new route added to the already extensive list of BPS bike packing rides. Join along an adventure throughout the South East Queensland’s countryside. From Hinterland rainforests, open country riding to the beach, the BPS 1000 has it all.

Finish date is Sunday April 30th, 2023. Start when you want.

More info – here

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You get all this for free:

– Joining the Bike Pack Shop community!

– A well thought out GPX file of the 2023 BPS 600 route.

– New friends and riding buddies.

– Free beer & pizzas 🍕

Additional information:

We no longer charge entry fees as QPWS have hit us up for expensive permits as it’s a ‘commercial’ event . Apparently I make too much money out of these events, maybe they can help me find that money 😉

Remember, the GPX file is nothing more than a line on a map to be used at your own discretion, at a time and date of your choice, and in association with your own due diligence. By utilising the GPX file, you are accepting full responsibility for your own safety. The GPX file comes with no guarantees with regards to the condition, safety or even existence of a trail. Should you choose to ride the route you do so at your own risk.

This ride is unsupported, there will be no one to help you besides yourself and other riders. No GPS trackers will be provided. Basically, it is 100% your responsibility to stay safe, fuelled, and out of trouble. I, Max Hobson, as a ride leader, will assist in mechanical repairs and help out with any issues that I can, but I may be out of contact for significant periods of time, so I cannot be relied upon for help or assistance.

Myself, other riders or The Bike Pack Shop, and any other affiliated businesses WILL NOT be liable or take responsibility for any issues during the event. Please be clear of this before you commit.

Anyway, this event is supposed to be a fun way to meet new friends, get inspired, and have a bloody cracker of a time!

We hope to see you there as we cannot wait to meet the bike packing community in Australia!

By entering you’re agreeing that you have read and understand the information listed above.

Show your support by purchasing a ticket to the afterparty. It’s not compulsory and no shame if you don’t 🙂


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