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Big Buffalo X-pac


A traditional handlebar/ saddle bag style with modern touch. Ideal for hauling all your gea for a tour or party items for overnight trips. Roll top for the main compartment with huge side pockets, top flap zipper and 2 inside pockets. Designed to attach to the handlebars or saddle.

X-Pac, heavy-weather spinnaker sailcloth made specifically for hightear strength and abrasion resistance while minimizing overall weight. We do find this fabric very light, dry real fast and super shiny. Water resistant enough in a rain.


Materials and features

Made out of X-Pac (Water resistant)

210pu ripstop lining (Water resistant)

25mm / 20mm Duraflex® Buckles (adjustable)

Long flap with Duraflex® snap buttons

Roll top

Huge side pockets

1.0mm HDPE sheet for add stability and structure to the bag.

Can be use with rack or rackless

2inch velcro straps for roll around handlebar or stick to attach to saddle. (can be cut to the desired length)

Other info

For bag dimensions & sizing information “Hit Here”

Big Buffalo are made to last but it is not INVINCIBLE. If you load more than 5 kg / 11 pounds, we highly recommended using it with a support rack.


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