76 Projects – A.S.S. Anti Strap System



A.S.S. Anti Strap System


The A.S.S Clip and Slider from 76 Projects is an excellent product making it easy to mount a top tube bag on any frame without the need for top tube bolt holes. This system also increases stability and doesn’t rub which other bags such as those that come with velcro straps do. So by using this system you will protect your frame from scuffs and wear.

The system lets you easily add and remove the bag from your bike making it easy to keep valuables safe and secure when leaving your bike, such as to go into a shop.

A.S.S. Slider

Replaces top tube straps

  • Bonds to the top tube OR screws directly to bosses

  • Slide on/off quick-release – ideal for taking your valuables with you

  • 2 piece – 1 attaches to top tube, 1 attaches to bag

No headtube strap required for small bags / bento boxes. Large bags may require use of the headtube strap or ASS Clip

Using the supplied custom cut VHB tape – successfully used on thousands of our ENDURO mounts

A.S.S. Clip

Replaces headtube strap

  • 2 Piece – One attaches to bag and one replaces a 10mm stem spacer

  • No interference with stem

  • Increases stability

  • No rubbing

  • Quick-release

  • Works with all loose straps and many fixed ones

Does not work with straps which have buckles

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