BPS | 2022

The BPS 400 film

BPS 400 - An Aussie Bike Packing Film

The BPS 400 is a scenic bike packing route nestled away in the South East corner of Queensland, Australia. Bike Pack Shop wanted to create a route that was both inclusive to all riders, yet challenging enough to make it worthwhile. The route boasts long sections of rail trail, gravel roads and a few big hills.

What started off as a nice sunny day of riding turned into a wet weekend like no other. Waking up on day 2, to rain was not what the BPS 400 crew were hoping to encounter. Packing up their wet gear and heading off, they new it was going to be an uncomfortable day. What started off with some light rain quickly turned to down pour.

As the BPS 400 crew rode further, the mud got stickier and was almost prohibiting the journey. Not being the types of riders to give up, the team pushed on at their own pace towards the Linville Hotel. Wet clothes, sleeping gear and shelter is never a good sign. 

BPS 400
BPS 400
BPS 400

BPS 400 route

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