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2023 BPS 400 is here!

Sunday, 8th of January 2023

The BPS 400 (hosted by Max Hobson, founder of the Bike Pack Shop) is a challenging but achievable and super scenic bike packing ride through some of South-east Queensland’s most rugged trails. Perfect for adventure-seekers: From beginners to hardcore ultra cycling racers, the BPS 400 has the right amount of gravel, remote sections and rough-as-guts track for all riders to tackle.  But it’s not all riding, there are some good old fashioned local country cafes and heritage pubs along the way to quench the thirst.  Most riders finish the BPS 400 in about 4 days, (current fastest known time 30 hours 53 minutes).

I created BPS because being outdoors and bikepacking is my ultimate passion, and I wanted to inspire people to experience what bikepacking has to offer. I create exciting bike packing routes and host bike packing rides that wet the appetite of newbies and give experienced bike packers a ride to remember. 

If you’re not sure of something or want more info. Shoot me a message on as we are happy to help.

BPS 400 has a finish date of January 8th 2023, riders will start when they want! 

Early bird pricing - limited time!

Our early bird pricing has commenced for the BPS 400 registration. Save some $$dosh$$ off your rego by entering today. By registering now, you also help BPS fund a better experience for each event. We do not make profit running these events, all the entry fees go into making these rides as exciting and fun as they can be.

Finish date is 8th of January 2023.

450km – 11, 000m elevation.

No support during the ride.

FKT up for grabs (fastest known time is currently 30 hours 53 minutes).

You will need to train and prepare for this ride.

Upon registering, you’ll receive:

  1. The BPS 400 route
  2. A 6 week training plan from Constantly Fit for the BPS 400.
  3. Sponsor gifts and prizes.
  4. Featured on our riders page.

This course is suited for newer bike packers wanting to experience a tough ofroad adventure. It’s hard, but not crazy. 

No, none at all. Once you start your ride, it is up to you. You should not be relying on anyone but yourself.

BPS will support riders in any way possible BEFORE the ride, that is helping with preparation, gear, route scouting and training.

  • BVRT
  • Nukinenda road
  • Emu gully
  • Jimna

We will setup a map progress event, riders will have the option of using this, or not.

Yes, all of it has been scouted by my self.

– Food and water – carry enough food for 1 night as an emergency. You will need to carry around 3-4L capacity for water.

– Shelter – Take a shelter and sleeping bag. We recommend the Alton Goods 3m x 3m Tarp, with a bivvy and sleeping bag. 

– Keep your bike light – find that sweet spot between too much gear and not enough gear. Find our gear list in the info guide below.

Current FKT (fastest known time) 30 hours 53 minutes

The BPS 400 route

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