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BPS 1000 - The Booubyjan Dash

Finish date - 30th April 2023

The BPS 1000, otherwise known as the Booubyjan dash is a new route added to the already extensive list of BPS bike packing rides. Join along in an adventure throughout the South East Queensland’s countryside. From Hinterland rainforests, open country riding to the beach, the BPS 1000 has it all.

BPS 1000 has a finish date of 30th April 2023, riders will start when they want! 

BPS 1000 is ACTUALLY 760km – the route has been revised as the additional 240kms will not increase the quality of the ride

Finish date is 30th of April 2023.

762km – 11000m elevation.

No support during the ride.

FKT up for grabs (fastest known time).

You will need to train and prepare for this event.

Upon registering, you’ll receive:

  1. A provisional route for the BPS 1000, it will be finalised early 2023.
  2. A Booubyjan dash sticker upon finishing the ride.

It’s very hard, but not impossible by any means. You’ll want to have some prior bike packing experience. Be used to wild camping, hike-a-bike and remote stretches of riding.

Keep in mind this route has 10,000m of elevation less than the Hunt 1000, so it’s definitely do-able!


No, none at all. Once you start your ride, it is up to you. You should not be relying on anyone but yourself.

BPS will support riders in any way possible BEFORE the ride, that is helping with preparation, gear, route scouting and training.

Yes, 75% of it has been scouted by me.

Some of it will be new territory. However I have made sure that roads are legitimate.

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