Bike Bag Setup Builder

Oveja Negra

How to build the ultimate setup?!

The Bike Pack Shop is committed to giving you the best quality bags, advice and service. We’ve built this page to help simplify your bag choosing process. In each section, we have a few of the most popular bags that you guys have bought.

From each section, you can browse through the differences between each bag and determine which is right for you.

If you’re still unsure, shoot us a line on!

Handlebar bags

Handlebar bags are generally used to carry your sleep system and clothes for the night. Being in an awkward position, behind a mess of cables most of the time, the handlebar bag is usually not storing ride essentials, as its harder to access than a seat or frame bag. Check out our extensive range of handlebar bags to find the RIGHT one for your needs.

Swift industries

1. Geosmina 10L Handlebar bag is a lightweight bag, with a dual side 100% waterproof closure system. Made for racing or weight weenies.

2. Rockgeist Nigel is our stand-alone waterproof handlebar bag equally suited to hauling snacks on an all-day ride, or as a traditional touring handlebar bag for keeping smaller items, such as jackets, gloves, cameras, shades, etc. at the ready. (Won’t fit your tent or sleep system).

3. Swift Industries Kestrel. Rock the Kestrel minimalist-style without the barnacles when you just need capacity for an extra layer, your fix-it kit, and a banana. The bottom of the pack includes a Coverlight daisy chain that’s perfect for lashing your pump, fishing rod, or other small items

4. Swift industries Zeitgeist is a super durable and stylish bag, designed for the tourer, with an easy open and closure system, this bag can also be used for long day rides or commutes

Seat bags

Your seat bag is one of the most important bags on your bike, not only does the seat bag need to hold your essential camp items, it also has to keep your belongings dry and sturdy.

Check out our extensive range of seat bags to find the RIGHT one for your needs.

1. The Expedition 13L seat pack is a lightweight bag, with a 100% waterproof roll up closure system. This bag is ideal for the beginner bike packer who needs to ensure waterproof protection and simplicity.

2. Geosmina seat pack 15L is designed for overnight & multi day adventures. Geosmina’s saddle bag is the best bag for your medium and long distance adventures. Super light, durable and 100% waterproof.

3. Rockgeist Foxglove 7.5L is a minimalist saddlebag designed to maximize volume for its weight. This design is intended for the minimalist bikepacker, endurance racer, or anyone looking to travel efficiently through the mountains.

4. Rockgeist Gondola The Rockgeist Gondola is the first-ever dropper post saddlebag designed for bikepacking. Its strategic use of plastic support, four attachment points to your saddle, and contoured panels allows for a secure anchor without the use of a seat post strap.

Bike bags

Frame bags

Frame bags are designed to be super handy, they make a good spot to carry your daily essentials, e.g. power charger, hydro bladder, lunch, tools etc. Frame bags come in both half and full sizes. These bags need to fit your frame, so take a look at the different sizes before you purchase.

(we can swap unused bags over for the correct size, if they don’t fit)

Bike bags

1. Geosmina large frame bag, like the medium size, has double compartment storage but a larger 5.5 litre capacity that gives you a safe space to carry all your accessories and supplies during your trips and/or adventures. Adjustable to most frames, the materials make it very resistant to abrasion and to different elements and all in an extremely lightweight package.

2. Geosmina medium frame bag has double compartment storage and 3.5 litre capacity that gives you a safe space to carry all your accessories and supplies during your trips and/or adventures. Adjustable to most frames, the materials make it very resistant to abrasion and to different elements and all in an extremely lightweight package.

3. The Oveja Negra 1/2 Pack ™ is our partial frame bag that allows for gear storage within your triangle while still leaving room to run water bottles/cages. The 1/2 Pack™ fits a multitude of open frame designs and is a great bag for longer day rides and overnight adventures alike.

4.Oveja Negra Bodega full frame bags are the junk drawer for all of your bikepacking essentials and can fit provisions for an all day, overnight, or month long ride.  Stash burritos, beverages, bags of ramen, and anything else you find fit to carry in our highest volume frame bag.

Cockpit  bags

Top tube & feed bags are the perfect bags for your ‘while riding’ essentials. Anything from lil snacks to light batteries, our feed bags also provide a great spot to carry an extra bottle!

Oveja Negra Chuckbucket

1. 76 Projects Top Tube Bag & A.S.S, an ingenious top tube bag/ mounting system. The 76 Projects top tube bag comes with our A.S.S. Anti Strap System built-in. This ingenious system fits 99% of all bikes, with or without top tube bolts. This allows for easy mounting/ dismounting of the bag

2. Geosmina small top tube bag, Geosmina’s Small Top Tube Bag has a capacity of 0.6 litres and will allow you to take all your essentials on your gravel, road, MTB or urban commuting outings. Geosmina has cleverly crafted these bags to suit the standards of the most demanding bike packers. 100% waterproof!

3. The Oveja Negra Chuckbucket™. The Oveja Negra Chuckbucket ™ is our handlebar/stem bag that enables fast access to goods while you’re in the saddle.  Designed around a 1L Nalgene® and 40 oz. Klean Kanteen®, the Chuckbucket has plenty of volume to handle snacks, water, or whatever else you find yourself in need of.

4. Rockgeist Cache Top Tube Bag. The Rockgeist Cache is designed for one-handed zipper access to open and close while riding, and cord access for your electronics. All sizes taper to help avoid knee rub while still providing a large amount storage. Works perfectly with the Rockgeist Spacelink!