ARE YOU READY FOR THE 2022 BPS 600/ 400?

The BPS 600/ 400 is back for 2022! Finish date will be July 3rd.

The BPS 600 is a 650km BRUTAL MTB/ Gravel ride, covering SEQs most challenging terrain. The first edition of the BPS 600 was held late December 2021. Formally known as the BPS Hunt 600, as it was originally run as a QLD alternative to the postponed Hunt 1000. The BPS Hunt 600 quickly gained in popularity, leading to a shorter, yet arguably harder route being created, BPS Hunt 300. No one is yet to complete the entire BPS Hunt 300 course.

This year, BPS is holding the BPS 600 & BPS 400. The 600 following basically the same route as last years 600 event. The course is brutal and not for the faint of heart. 650km with 12, 000m. We had a total of 7 riders finish the entire course. The 400 course has been redesigned, being a much easier route, way more enjoyable. Although the route is remote in parts, there is still a number of towns/ shops along the way. Food & water must be taken seriously.

If you’re not sure of something or want more info. Shoot me a message on as we are happy to help.

Ride Highlights

– England Creek Road / Range Road (type 2 fun).

– Woodford Woolies/ Pub

– Belthorpe NP

– Monsildale Road (from Jimna – Linville)

– Yarraman Pub

– Bunya Mtns

– Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

– Creek Road climb to finish 😉


Food and water – carry enough food for 1 night as an emergency. Your first food resupply point is 130kms into the ride. From this point on, there are more frequent resupply points. You will need to carry around 3-4L capacity for water.

Shelter – don’t try and battle the cold. Take a shelter and sleeping bag. We recommend the Alton Goods 3m x 3m Tarp, with a bivvy and sleeping bag. Remember it will be winter so prepare for 10° – 0° Celsius.

Keep your bike light – find that sweet spot between too much gear and not enough gear. Overpacking will be a nightmare on this brutal, hilly course. However you’ll also suffer from under packing. Find our gear list in the info guide below!

This is no easy feat – this is one of the most brutal courses in SEQ. Don’t underestimate it. The BPS 600 will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t respect it’s difficulty.

FAQs for the BPS 600

What is the date of the 2022 BPS 600/ 400?

There is no official starting date, however most riders will leave between the 28th & 30th of June 2022. We have a finish date, 3rd of July at Ascent Cycles, in Wilston.

Do you have to be fit?

Absolutely. Start training before May and you’ll be fine. Refer to our training programs.

What’s the dirt to road ratio?

60% dirt. You’ll be praying for the blacktop after the first 300kms. It’s a really good mix of both road and dirt.

Where is the finish location?

Ascent Cycles, 158 Edmonstone Street, Wilston 4051, Brisbane.

Can I attend the after party if I don’t ride the event?

Yes! The more the merrier.

What is a good time range to aim for?

Between 4-6 days. Last year we rode the course in 4 days. We were riding from dawn till dusk every day.

Can I start/ finish in different locations?

Absolutely. This isn’t an official timed event.

Is there insurance?

No, you’re liable for all accidents/ issues/ mental breakdowns you experience on course.

Where should I get bike packing bags from?

You’re already here baby, the best bike packing store in town!

2022 BPS 600 info pack.

2022 BPS 400 info pack.

2022 BPS 600

2022 BPS 600

Must haves for the BPS 600/ 400!