2022 BPS 600/ 400 – Bike Packing Adventure

Sunday, 3rd July is the finish date.

You are able to switch from either the 400 – 600 route after entering.

The BPS 600 is a 650km BRUTAL MTB/ Gravel ride, covering SEQs most challenging terrain. The first edition of the BPS 600 was held late December 2021. Formally known as the BPS Hunt 600, as it was originally run as a QLD alternative to the postponed Hunt 1000. The BPS Hunt 600 quickly gained in popularity, leading to a shorter, yet arguably harder route being created, BPS Hunt 300. No one is yet to complete the entire BPS Hunt 300 course.

This year, BPS is holding the BPS 600 & BPS 400. The 600 following basically the same route as last years 600 event. The course is brutal and not for the faint of heart. 650km with 12, 000m. We had a total of 7 riders finish the entire course. The 400 course has been redesigned, being a much easier route, way more enjoyable. Although the route is remote in parts, there is still a number of towns/ shops along the way. Food & water must be taken seriously.

If you’re not sure of something or want more info. Shoot me a message on max@bikepackshop.com as we are happy to help.